Downstream from lake “El Nihuil”,  emerges a genuine geological wonder that is millions of years old.  A route of more than 50 km of colorful formations amazes our visitors. The wind and the waters of Atuel River carved amazing figures long ago that nowadays have their own names:  El Mendigo (The Beggar), El Bosque de Coníferas (The Softwood Forest),  Los Jardines Colgantes (The Hanging Gardens), El Elefante (The Elephant), El Sillón de Rivadavia (Rivadavia’s Couch), Los Monstruos (The Monsters), El Lagarto (The Lizard) among many others.

The Canyon starts at the Reservoir El Nihuil, 70 km away from San Rafael City, and it has its mouth many kilometers downstream to the reservoir Valle Grande, which spreads for 50 km and has an average depth of 260 m.

Its course is accompanied by the rest of the hydroelectric centrals that make up the Atuel System of energy generation. Alongside its dams (Aisol and Tierras Blancas), beautiful green spaces develope, which are perfect for doing activities such as riding mountain bikes, condor watching, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, among others.