San Rafael is a terroir of excellent conditions for the production of high quality sparkling wines; a soil with exceptional characteristics for the development of wine-growing and wine- making, ideal climate, and hard-working hands. All these conditions, make San Rafael a well-stocked garden positioned both in the national and international market  with wines of undeniable superior quality. Tradition and innovation come together in order to get products of renowned features that have been awarded in various opportunities both in the national and international level.

The Wine Route in San Rafael opens its doors to the vintner tradition, rural areas and the history of our beautiful Department.

The emblematic wineries of the area, as well as the small ones that can be considered as “boutique” welcome visitors that reach them in order to know the large or small scale wine-making process and tasting a wide variety of wines.

San Rafael is one of the only locations within the Argentinean geography that has AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée). In this way, producers grow and harvest grapes under standards that optimize their quality, with a reliable production control.