At the tourist location of  Villa El Nihuil, surrounded by the largest reservoir of Mendoza Province  with 9600 ha,  a great variety of fish comes to life, giving the chance to all fishermen to practice their favourite sport. 

At the lake, a very unique and colorful sight can be appreciated when windsurf lovers, just as kitesurfers, unfold hundreds of multicolored sails swiftly gliding over the calm water.

Only 10 km away, as a contrast to this big water body, the sand dunes rise up to 200 m height and spread across an arid area of 30000 ha. This spot have been the scene for the Rally Dakar many times. The constant changes in terms of relief make the sand dunes ideal for living a unique experience, accompanied by a specialized guide.

Coming down from Villa El Nihuil until Valle Grande, we can find a well-defined winding road, Cañón del Atuel, that goes through geological landscapes. The scenery marvels whoever goes across the numerous and varied figures that the wind, water and time have carved: Museo de Cera (Wax Museum), Sillón de Rivadavia (Rivadavia’s Couch), El Lagarto (The Lizard), Los Viejos (The Old Men), Los Monstruos (The Monsters), la Ciudad Encantada (The Enchanted City), El Mendigo (The Beggar), Los Jardines Colgantes (The Hanging Gardens), Los Monjes (The Monks); among others. Visitors can also marvel at the chain of reservoirs and hydroelectric power plants fueled by the very same Atuel River.

The next stop from the circuit is the dam of Valle Grande, which contains a vast emerald green water mirror, very tempting to practice nautical sports. Following the way down, we can find the most varied gastronomical services, lodgings and adventure tourism activities such as trekking, rappel, hiking, climbing and zip-line, paragliding, photographic safari and horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayak, doky and cool river.