Located 25 km away from the city, we can find Villa 25 de Mayo, a true spot for relaxation and silence (slow life) that still has small village houses made of adobe and streets flanked by ancient, immense poplars. The ruins of Fuerte San Rafael del Diamante are the oldest remnants of San Rafael’s history. Right in front of the fort, the historic museum “Narciso Morales” treasures objects from that time.

A short distance away is located Dique Galileo Vitale, the first construction made upon Diamante River to take advantage of its waters for artificial irrigation. Another tourist attraction from the circuit is “El Tigre”, a compensation dam. Its water content is retrieved through pumping to the “Hydroelectric Central Los Reyunos”.

Going on with the circuit, we can find the reservoir “Los Reyunos”; on its west bank is established a Nautical and Fishing Club, which offers multiple services for tourists. In this circuit, many adventure tourism activities can be practiced, such as: tirobangi, diving, catamarán trips, horseback riding, mountain bike, quads, hiking, trekking, among others.

At the end of the circuit, we arrive to the impressive dam Agua del Toro, ideal place for fishing lovers.