Located 35 km (21,752 mi.) away from San Rafael City, we can find the dam Los Reyunos. This is a hypnotizing water mirror that combines a symphony of greens and turquoises and invites travelers to do different activities such as fishing salmonids and silversides, renting watercrafts, going horseback riding, trekking and mountain biking, diving, doing tirobangi, rappelling, going  hiking and many other practices that go perfectly with the majestic natural environment.  The peculiar feature about this artificial water mirror is that it is one of the only dams in the country that has a re-pumping system. This allows retrieving the released water by reversing its turbines in order to re-use this resource, which is very important for this great oasis in the south of Mendoza.

11 km (6,836 mi.) away from the dam, you can get to the nautical club “Los Reyunos” through a gravel road. The club is surrounded by vacation houses that are settled all the way down from the mountain to the river bank. You can also enjoy restaurants, an apart hotel, cottages and a camping place, and practice sports such as water skiing, kayaking, wake boarding and canoeing.  From the dock, motorboats and catamarans are prepared to take visitors through calm waters, facing a landscape of rocky walls adorned with the bright green of chañar trees and jarilla plants.