Massive, clear, and versatile is this majestic lake. Its waters splash with the colors of sails when windsurf and kitesurf lovers defy it or disrupt its calmness while water skiing and motor boating. This proves to be an unforgettable experience for the tourists that enjoy a bit of risk. For those who enjoy going through the waters quietly, canoe rides or swimming are ideal activities.

Surrounded by a wild and astonishing relief, it is also an excellent choice for adventure tourism. The available options are trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding.  To make the images of this outdoors tour unforgettable, bird watching and photographic safaris are added to the pack of this touristic option.

This amazing water mirror, besides being one of the hydroelectric electricity generating sources of Mendoza Province, is a paradise for recreational fishing lovers.

Carps, pejerreyes patagónicos (Patagonian silverside), perch and trout make up the fish fauna in this fishing area from Cuyo.

As a contrast to this big water body, the sand dunes rise up to 200 m height and spread across an arid area of 30000 ha., in which temperatures during summertime usually exceed 50°C (122,909 °F). The combination of geography and a hostile climate, plus having been the scene for the  Rally Dakar and Desafío Ruta 40 many times, have turned this place into one of the most extreme spots in Argentina. For this reason, every year the number of adventurers that come to “challenge” the dunes increases.  Because of the constant changes in terms of sand relief due to the wind’s strength, the best way to live this unique experience is accompanied by a specialized guide.