It is a small place 180 km (111,87 mi.) away from the city, in a mountain area older than 60 million years. It is cleaved by the Atuel River waters, and it’s immerse in the nearby landscapes that hint the presence of the Andes Mountain Range, which invites its visitors to enjoy absolute tranquility and the adventure that prevails in the mountains.

It’s the perfect place to do outdoor activities that allow you to be in touch with nature and have an unforgettable experience. Camping
surrounded by the prevailing solitude in the environment takes this adventureto the next level. To make unforgettable memories full of adrenaline, you can take a 4×4 trip, driving through elevated winding roads, or go climbing if you are passionate about heights. It is also the perfect spot for enduro and mountain bike competitions.

For those who seek a quieter activity in order to look closely at the ecosystem’s characteristics, trekking prevails.  Another option is the captivating horseback riding, in which you can discover magnificent treasures such as La Cueva del Indio, a testament of the aboriginal presence in that area,
or do the tour that takes visitors to the remains of the famous Uruguayan rugbiers’ plane, whose epic survival story inspired the making of the film “VIVEN” (Alive).

One of the natural beauties of the place is La Laguna de El Sosneado (El Sosneado Lagoon), where some of the most popular choices are fishing, or visiting the ruins of the old Hotel Termas El Sosneado, that still has its outdoors thermal water pools functioning.