MUSEO FERROVIARIO (RAILWAY MUSEUM) The museum is set in the building of the old railway station that used to be the branch linking directly Retiro and San Rafael and made a transfer to the capital of Mendoza. As the building is the same that was built for the arrival of the train in 1903, floors, walls, roofs, vents and furniture are typical from that first period of establishment of the railway. At the museum’s exterior, the 315 machine called “La Constructora” (the builder) can be found, a locomotive that was used to build the aforementioned branch. In the surrounding area, different elements such as a hand cart, carts, pumps, tracks changing handling bodie, etc can be found. In the inside, the museum has 5 rooms organized according to the role they used to fulfill: A waiting room with its respective tickets office and furniture from that period. Another room with 2 ticket booths in the inside, safe boxes, ticket machine, ticket date-stamp machine, uniforms, among other elements. Also, the so-called “Communication Room”, where you can observe objects such as tracks organizer, telegraphs, signaling lanterns, and other objects used to communicate in that period. Last but not least, is the station Chief’s office, which has equipment and hundreds of photographs from that time, an instructions table, which was used to coach those people who wanted to become operators, as well as other objects. It is located in the city center, it can be visited every day from 08:00 to 19:00 h, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. 0260- 4027174 MUSEO DE ARTE OMAR REINA (OMAR REINA ART MUSEUM) Founded 20th, March 1948 thanks to the donation of the picture gallery owned by Julio Alberto Aguirre and his wife Elvira Villanueva Bombal. The picture gallery had artworks from renowned artists, both national and from the province of Mendoza. The original assets started to increase and, among the renowned names to a national level we can name Horacio Butler, Walter de Navazio, Aquiles Badi, Raúl Soldi, Juan Carlos Castagnino; and from Mendoza Province: Víctor Delhez, Roberto Azzoni, Eusebio Vidal Jo and Hernán Abal, who forged the visual arts history from this province. In the year 2011, the Fine Arts Museum adopted the name “Omar Reina”, as a resolution of the Management Commission in order to honor the talented and prestigious artist from our Department. After remaining closed for a couple of years, on 20th, March 2017 the museum has been opened again, and there are plans for hosting different visual artist’s exhibitions, concerts and art history classes. In order to visit it you can check the timetable at: Bernardo de Irigoyen 148- 1° Piso  [email protected]. MUSEO DE HISTORIA NATURAL DE SAN RAFAEL (SAN RAFAEL’S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM) Founded in 1955 by a group of nature loving, enthusiastic young people. In its beginnings, it was the Club de Amigos de la Naturaleza (Nature’s Friends Club). Over the years and due to some of its founders becoming professionals, this museum, which holds collections from different branches of science like anthropology, archaeology, geology, paleontology, botany and zoology, became a renowned institution. Nowadays, it also works as an investigation unit associated to CONICET, that hosts in its laboratories professionals and interns with scholarships from all over the country and from different specialities. Today, it owns the 4th most important collection in the Argentinean Republic, though only ten percent of the material is exhibited. Minerals from all over the world, native species from the animal and vegetal kingdom, million years old fossils and beautiful archaeological pieces are waiting for visitors. It is open from Mondays to Sundays from 8:00 to 19:00 in its building located at 3099 Balloffet Av., since 1982, between the two Diamante River bridges, in front of Mariano Moreno Park. 0260-4423095  [email protected]   MUSEO NARCISO SOSA MORALES ( NARCISO SOSA MORALES MUSEUM) It opened the 25th of May of 2005 and from then on, thousands of visitors that are interested in San Rafael´s history and culture have passed by. It is located in front of the ruins of San Rafael del Diamante Fort, and it has two rooms. One of them, named Héctor Calderón and sometimes called “historic”, consists of historic-archaeological pieces found during the excavations in the fort, among which; iron shackles, personal decorative items, the door of the Fort´s General Command, native pottery and earthenware objects, glasses from different types of jars, buttons, medals, some pieces of clothing collections, and varied elements from earlier periods donated by families from San Rafael, a desk from the first mail office that dates from 1800, an antique image from Archangel San Rafael sculpted in wood, among other attractions can be found. Meanwhile, in the second room, called “art room”, pictorial works and sculptures are exhibited, and visual artists’ itinerant exhibitions, as well as heritage workshops, books releases and cultural events take place. The museum depends on the Asociación Fuerte Histórico San Rafael del Diamante and opens from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 to 13. The visits are complemented with a trip around the fort’s ruins.  Mitre and Colón. Villa 25 de Mayo – San Rafael